Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vampires? YES!

I love vampires. There I have said it…I LOVE VAMPIRES! I guess it began during childhood (my love for all things macabre really began during this time). I remember watching the Monster Squad all the time and just falling in love with the vampires and werewolves of the story. Then there came Buffy…she is one of my favorite people (and yes I have come to terms with the fact that she is a fictional character and I think of her as a “real person”). I would almost venture to say that my love for Buffy is a bit unhealthy, but I won’t go there. It is just healthy enough. Two of my favorite Chicago moments have been the Buffy the Musical Sing-A-Longs; a venue for me to totally geek myself out with other Buffy aficionados. But of course these were canceled and I was at a loss.

Enter Edward…the new love of my life. I remember hearing Martha talk about the Twilight Saga some time ago. Mallory had been reading it and told Martha that it was pretty amazing and that we should get to reading. Of course I didn’t really know what it was about and it was put on the very back burner in my mind. This brings us to last Thursday when I finally picked up my copy of Twilight (the first book of the series). I read this book in two days time and rushed to Target to pick up my copy of New Moon (the second book in the series). This book was finished in three days time, which lead Martha and I to Borders to pick up Eclipse (the third book in the series). It is a new obsession. So I now must leave you dear readers and venture back to Forks, Washington and to Bella and Edward and Alice and Jacob and…..


Oh and the movie comes out November 21st...you should probably watch the trailer.

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mallory said...

I'm glad that you and Martha can share this Vampire love. Geoff now know that he will never be perfect in my eyes, he will always be second to Edward. I'm totally joking. Not really.
Cannot wait for the movie, I've watched all the trailers like 100x.