Wednesday, October 29, 2008

we gotsa table!

Okay, so I know the whole "i want to be a cat" post was pretty pathetic. So how about a real one?

Ben and I got a new kitchen table! Now our apartment is really starting to feel like a home. A plus- my owls have a new home. The table actually has a kind of swirlie pattern on the top... sorry for the poor photo quality.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008 two

Today I decided that I needed to so some online shopping (mostly at Forever21 and ebay). I was in the mood to buy buy buy, but nothing struck my fancy. So I though perhaps I just needed some inspiration. I need a visual of how I would like to look. So I turned to....Michelle Williams. She is just the epitome of cool (right down to her Ray Bans and high-top Converse Allstars). She is able to wear these trendy pieces (I could never pull off Ray Bans) without looking like it is forced. Jeesh....I want her closet (and mayber her hair...but that is another post altogether).

Photos by


i want to be a cat

I am totally jealous of my cat Smokie. He lays on the radiator all day long soaking up the delicious heat, while I wrap myself in blankets trying to stay warm. Today, I wish I could be Smokie.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I have been spent to Springfield....which of course makes me think of the above picture. Here for work...bored out of my mind. Thankfully I have found a free wi-fi signal and able to look at the following.....

Photo avrilloreti
In case you didn't know...mustaches are so boss right now. Everyone that is cool has one.

God I want to be the girl above. I think I might be able to pull this look off, but I am not sure I can pull off that smile. She is just TOO CUTE!

Photo by Hel Looks
17???? This girl is only 17!!!! I heart her!

Ok so I am going to go and watch The Departed now. I so do love free cable!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rocky, you went the distance.

Perhaps it is because I love the movie Rocky, and this has endeared him to my heart, but Rocky Votolato is just the best. I know that nostalgia has a big part to play in my love for this man. Listening to his music just transports me back to my Junior year at KU and the times I spent with Laura. I love when music can just take you back to a specific place and feeling.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tai? Why would I go out with Tai?

So I have discovered that with my new job (which I will get to in a moment) I need to rethink my wardrobe. While it is true that most of it will translate well into the "business casual" dress code, I still feel like I am playing dress-up most days and that I don't feel like ME. And since I don't really have a lot to play with in my closet (especially when it comes to pants, I HAVE NONE!), I turned to Poly Vore. This website is AMAZING! It is like going to Cher Horwitz' house and playing dress up! They have everything you could ever want. I am totally a fan. So here is what I came up with. This is what I think I should probably start looking like when I walk into my office....This seems like a "grownup" MaryRose.

So about my job. I am now working as an HIV Prevention Counselor. Which if you have heard me talk in the last two years is perfect for me. I am all about the safer sex and harm reduction. I work at an agency called Chicago House and Social Services. I have a desk (which now has flowers and a mini pumpkin thanks to Margurite Gardens) and everything. So far no new friends have been made but I am hopeful that soon Cher will find me, make me over and let me eat lunch with her and Dion.


My thrifty finds of the week.

In the past year, I have fallen back in love with thrift shopping.  I took a long break, mainly because in Kansas I was tired of the same old vintage shops.  Since moving to Chicago, I have found a few that have easily become my favorites.  I got a raise at work so I've been celebrating too much by shopping...  here are some of my finds from this week:

One of my favorite shops is Clothes Optional in Lakeview.  They don't have a website, but the people on Yelp have some good things to say.  I always seem to find something there, even if it is small.  This week I found this great blue sweater will a back zip for only $15.
Another one of my favorites is Brownstone Antiques in my 'hood of Andersonville.  They have a ton of antiques and a tiny corner packed with vintage clothing and accessories.  Today I scored a fuzzy beret, wool plaid scarf, and a pin for $11.  They always have so much to look at and can sometimes be overwhelming, but it is totally worth it.
I love these stores, but I do need to see what else there is out there.  So next time, I will report back with thrifty finds from another store...hopefully!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Musings....

My Friday thoughts have led me to the following:

The political posters that are out right now are just, well they are just amazing.

I desperately want to see the movie Happy-Go-Lucky. But of course it doesn't come to Chicago until the 21st of this month. Its star, Sally Hawkins, might just be one of my new all-time favorite people. She just seems so delightful and she should probably become my friend.

I am in love with Emily Martin's (The Black Apple) paintings. I just can't seem to get enough of them lately. They are the perfect depiction of what fall feels like to me. And she paints squirrels. Can it get much better?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crush of the day / i really wanna lose 3 pounds

Ah, Mean Girls... Anyhoo, I finally saw the Notebook a few weeks ago, which has made me fall in love with Rachel McAdams even more.  She made the Vogue Best Dressed List this week, in what she is wearing above.  She has impeccable style and never looks overdone... Plus, the fact that she is in a La Perla dress is even better. ---Martha

Monday, October 6, 2008

the cuteness

I'm in love.  With a blog.  My friend, Tessa, from Kansas has the most adorable blog and Etsy shop!  Please check out the adorableness right away!  You won't be disappointed!

say goodbye to these!! (boots and shopping buddy, weep, weep)

As I'm sure you've already heard, Mary has a new "grown-up" job.  Which is totally awesome, except that now I don't have a shopping buddy anymore!  Stupid jobs!  So, here I am with Monday and Thursday off, and Mary, the luck gal, gets the weekends off!  What a novel idea!  Anyhoo, I'll be okay.  I will survive.  I have a few projects in mind the keep me busy.

The first one being a less than fun project of returning these booties I bought a few weeks ago 
at Nordstrom Rack.  
After debating for weeks, I've decided to return them.  They are adorable and I love them, but unfortunately I don't think they are really my style.  They are a little too Peter Pan for me.  Plus, if I return them,  I can buy these instead!  Much more practical and versatile.  I'm sure everyone would appreciate it if I just bought them already.  I've been talking about it for far too long.  Okay, okay, if it will make you all happy, I will finally buy my purple Hunter Wellies!!  Just get off my back already!  Geez!!

I've been planning on making my niece a stuffed animal for what seems like forever.  Mary found a book that I plan on stealing an idea from, creating a patchwork elephant.  I'm going to try and do it myself so I don't have to buy the book...  I'm a little cheap that way.  I have yet to begin  this project, so I will post more later about it! --Martha

Saturday, October 4, 2008

my side of the story...

I was trying to decide what to say about Ben's art show, but I'm fairly certain these photos will sum up our evening:
Giggling because we are winos.  My boss, with the curly hair, and her husband, Ted.  We love him, but Mary wishes Ted was her husband...

These Friends of Mine.



Rosie Thomas....

I have a new job....a "real" job as I like to call it, though it is more of a career I guess you could say. I am finally using my over priced education and doing what I hope I love. And while I love the idea of having a salary and most important health insurance, I am most excited about the fact that I now have weekends OFF! I almost don't know what to do with myself. It has been years since I have had both a Saturday and Sunday to myself. Usually when I had this time off I was on vacation somewhere...not anymore.

Today on my first Saturday off I spent time with Martha and Ben at Marguerite Gardens (Martha's work). Ben was then kind enough to accompany me to Target, where I needed to pick up a new bike seat because mine was stolen! JERKS!

And so here I now am....enjoying time at home listening to Rosie Thomas. She is pretty much my new favorite person. It is funny to me that I have had her album for a couple of years now and am just listening to it for the first time. I would recommend that you stop reading this now and go to the record store to pick it up (These Friends of Mine if you are wondering what I am listening to). She is just so delightful and she sings with Sufjan Stevens. Can it get any better? Oh Rosie.....