Saturday, September 6, 2008

Clicked my heels (oh the Wizard of Oz reference was bound to come up some time...)

It is Saturday night and I am home baking chocolate chip cookies listening to really listening to a very random assortment of music. Though all my music seems to sound the same (clearly this needs to be addressed, but at some later date). It is Saturday night and while everyone else is probably out having a grand time in their respective cities I am here...baking...but I could not be happier because I am baking said cookies in my NEW APARTMENT! That is right...I have moved...into my own apartment! It is a delightful little home. I have lost all my roommates and ventured into the world of 'aloneness'. So far things have gone swimmingly and most of my belongings are out of their boxes. I am on the fifth floor of my building and have taken to looking out my windows across the parking lot and into other peoples lives. Creepy? Perhaps...but come on...Martha said that hopefully I won't have a Miranda moment "oh yea you live below the guy I have been cruising!"

Here is to hoping!


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lovemartha said...

mary! It looks great! I can't wait to come home and see it all put together! Miss you!