Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rosie Thomas....

I have a new job....a "real" job as I like to call it, though it is more of a career I guess you could say. I am finally using my over priced education and doing what I hope I love. And while I love the idea of having a salary and most important health insurance, I am most excited about the fact that I now have weekends OFF! I almost don't know what to do with myself. It has been years since I have had both a Saturday and Sunday to myself. Usually when I had this time off I was on vacation somewhere...not anymore.

Today on my first Saturday off I spent time with Martha and Ben at Marguerite Gardens (Martha's work). Ben was then kind enough to accompany me to Target, where I needed to pick up a new bike seat because mine was stolen! JERKS!

And so here I now am....enjoying time at home listening to Rosie Thomas. She is pretty much my new favorite person. It is funny to me that I have had her album for a couple of years now and am just listening to it for the first time. I would recommend that you stop reading this now and go to the record store to pick it up (These Friends of Mine if you are wondering what I am listening to). She is just so delightful and she sings with Sufjan Stevens. Can it get any better? Oh Rosie.....

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