Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a note from Martha

Okay, so I admit, I have been lazy about posting lately.  I haven't even broken in our new blogspot account!  Anyhoo, Ben and I are getting ready to go on a mini vacation to the lovely New Jersey/New York area to see two of our besties that we haven't seen in over a year!  Yikes!  We are both so excited.  
     I have been attempting to create the perfect weekend wardrobe that fits in one half of a duffel bag... not so easy.  I have the clothing down, but the shoes are a whole other story.  Basically, I just hate all my shoes.  I hate them.  It is impossible to make cute and comfortable shoes.  The two just never coincide.   I must suck it up and figure out what to pack.  Only one more day!!
     Aside from planning our trip, I have been glueing a lot of buttons to things.  I have started making earrings, which are super fun, and I'm going to try to sell them somewhere once I get more posts.  
 I've also glued buttons to a pair of black flats.  It was super easy, and brought life to a pair of otherwise boring shoes.  When I bought these shoes they had big gems on the toe, which I liked for about five minutes and then took off.  I had been waiting around trying to decide what to do with them, and then one day I just started glueing buttons.  A child could've done it... but it was still fun!  Except when I glued my thumb and forefinger together...

If you want to copycat me, all you need is super glue, a lot of buttons, cheap flats, and season 2 of The OC... or whatever dvd you like I suppose!


mallory said...

I like the button shoes.

Anonymous said...

Hey martha,
I got into buttons a couple years ago and a cute idea is a button clutch. I bought a dollar clutch at a thrift store and covered one side with buttons. I used multi colors on one but I prefer the all white one I made later. The flats are adorable! I might try it.