Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fall Is Here...Ring the Bell

OK so maybe fall isn't really here...but the weather in Chicago would have you believing otherwise. It has just been beautiful out. The bike rides (yes I started riding a bike again) that once brought about a nice sweat now require that I wear a jacket. I love this time of the year. It just feels like the air is laced with anticipation or hope. Fall will forever hold a special place in my heart and the clothing is my favorite thing about it. As I have been making the rounds on my favorite blogs I see too that everyone else is equally as excited for autumn. Of course the dilemma is always the same...what do I wear? What new pieces do I buy?

The above is the new Built By Wendy Fall 08 Collection. I am fairly certain that I need every single piece. Can it get any better? Not only does it have the perfect plaid shirts that I am longing for (I have decided that I just need to make one), but it has the corduroy jumper I would covet. I think this collection would feel right at home in my closet!

The always fantastic Jenny Gordy of Wiksten Made debuted her new fall collection last week and I just can't get enough of it. This outfit is just the epitome of everything I want this fall...vibrant color, mixing of black and brown, scarf, flat boots. NEED NEED NEED! I do believe that the Alison Skirt would be perfect with my mustard color tights, thats all I am saying!
And then there was TOAST. This amazing British company has just about the perfect fall catalogue right now. Every single picture is amazing and I just want to be a TOAST girl. That is now the number one goal in my life...to eventually look like I walked off these glossy pages!


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mallory said...

Hopefully this week I'll get to make some Alison skirts.
I need it, but can't afford it. At least I can cut it up!