Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hotel...day two

Today I decided that I needed to so some online shopping (mostly at Forever21 and ebay). I was in the mood to buy buy buy, but nothing struck my fancy. So I though perhaps I just needed some inspiration. I need a visual of how I would like to look. So I turned to....Michelle Williams. She is just the epitome of cool (right down to her Ray Bans and high-top Converse Allstars). She is able to wear these trendy pieces (I could never pull off Ray Bans) without looking like it is forced. Jeesh....I want her closet (and mayber her hair...but that is another post altogether).

Photos by People.com



mallory said...

i just scored some brown lace up boots on ebay! yay!
Have fun in your hotel, watch all the True Blood you can on HBO!

lovemartha said...

yes, i do love her style. so cute!