Thursday, November 6, 2008

rainy day woman

Of course on my day off, it is raining.  I like the rain... when I am inside cuddling under my grandmother's quilt, but today I really needed to get out of the apartment.  I decided to do a little thrift shopping.  Nothing makes me happier than finding hidden treasures for less than five dollars.

I'm really happy to have found a grey leather purse.  I'm ready to switch from my giant holds-everything purse.  
My new quilted skirt!  Sadly, it is a little snug, but I think it will still work.  I can see wearing it with a black sweater and shimmery black tights at a holiday party... Maybe that will give me an excuse to buy these tights from AA.  Hmmm...

1 comment:

mallory said...

i could use some sparkle tights. black/silver. damnit, no, black/gold.
I could never decide.