Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poor little ole' Nickel

I finally made my way to the Shedd Aquarium. It is actually a bit embarrassing that it took me three years to make it there...what kind of Chicago resident am I? I went on a date, that went well I think. Well it went well enough that we are meeting again this Thursday. Yes I am sacrificing watching The Office and 30 Rock for a boy...Silly Mary? Maybe....The best part of the Shedd is Nickel the Turtle...

Not going to lie...I am actually a bit nervous about the date this Thursday...which after the number of dates I have been on is silly (I have been on hundreds of them)...wish me luck? I think that I am just thinking about it too much...I mean really it is a second date. It shouldn't be that bad. But I already feel like I might have messed up...I mean when he called I answered my phone "Hello this is Mary"...stupid work-mode! GRRRR...I am beginning to think I like the idea of arranged marriages!

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