Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Love...

I read a lot of blogs...I would say that much of my day (especially Sunday mornings) is spent looking at what other people have to say. I like to look into their lives and imagine what it would be like to be that creative, eat that food, wear that dress, marry that man, take that picture. I also feel like with this new phenomenon you get a chance to "meet" people that you never would have before. Now this is not to say that I have become friends with people whose blogs I read, but it is something that could happen. For example, the lovely Molly of Orangette met her husband through her blog and Ms. Jenny Gordy of Wiksten Made met her best friend Elly through Flickr. I am just amazed at what blogs can do and how they can change someones life.

Which brings me to A Cup Of I am not saying that Joanna Goddards blog has changed my life, but it has definitely made it more enjoyable. I think that I am going to be spending a lot of time reading what this amazing woman has to say...thank you blog gods for leading me to her world...

Photo from A Cup of Jo


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