Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can be anything I want to be!

There are certain parts of being an adult that I really enjoy.
  1. I can have ice cream for breakfast if I want it, and I usually do
  2. I can go to sleep whenever I want too
  3. I don't have to clean my room, I can just shut the door
  4. I can eat mashed potatoes for dinner and nothing else
  5. I can watch whatever I want on TV.
But I think the best thing about being an adult is having health insurance. Sure I had it as a kid...well my parents did. But it is nice to know that if I fall down and hurt myself...well I can just go to the doctor and everything will be fine. Or if I am afraid that I have so weird viral infection and over react I can make an appointment with my dermatologist and she can tell me that it is just allergies. BUT....the absolute best thing is that I could finally get a pair of prescription sunglasses! I went to my trusted SEE Eyewear, where they were having a SUPER SALE! These puppies came home with me and have upped the "Mary looks like a character form the 1950's" ante! Oh boy...being old rules!


benrum said...

I like everything about this post!

Anonymous said...

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