Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hello there!

This morning Ben and I meet up at The Grind Cafe for a morning coffee and to say good-bye (I will be in Kansas for a week and he just got back!). We need a little friend time. The Grind always has art work up, but I generally don't really care for it. Not that it is bad art, it just usually doesn't appeal to me. Well today it was a different story! The featured artist is Laura George and it was ADORABLE! I am pretty certain that when I get back from my adventures in Kansas this little guy will be coming home with me!
In other etsy news....Kate from For you, For me has created a line of jewelry. I have been quite a fan of her prints for awhile and have at many times decided that I need one. But now I am certain that when she makes more of these lovely necklaces I will HAVE to purchase one!


mallory said...

Saw those necklaces, so cute! Uh, you making it to Lawrence? I sure hope so!

lovemartha said...

yes, i want one!